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Take Action and Change Your Life

Go for it! Take action!

Maybe you read my last post, How To Get Started and you are ready to make a change in your life. Be it a small change or a significant change, until now you’ve only been thinking about it. Thinking- that’s the easy part. We all dream. The question is, “will you do something about it?”

Life is not meant to be a spectator event. I’m sure you would agree, but the lifestyles we often live reflect the opposite. We spend hours of our lives being spectators. We watch sports events, watch concerts, and watch TV. We read the Internet and read books. As for doing something ourselves, we think game-changing people are special people. That is not true, and it does not have to be that way!

According to one statistic, the average adult spends 24.4 hours per week watching TV, 8.1 hours a week on sporting events and about 2 hours per week browsing the net. That’s a lot of time-consuming consumption. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development is projecting that 3/4 of the American population will likely be overweight or obese by 2020.


You weren’t meant to be a statistic; you have a purpose. The ability to choose is a beautiful attribute of life: we decide to be lazy, or we decide to act, we choose to be fearful, or we choose to believe. You can become a producer and not only a consumer!

What is it that you want to start or improve in life?

  • A sport
  • Writing
  • Performing
  • Public speaking
  • Career advancement
  • Starting a business
  • ____________ you fill in the blank.

It’s crucial to know you can achieve that goal but it’s going to require you to act. Making a decision can be difficult because we fear change, or we think we don’t have all the right pieces in place, so we put off delivering the result we desire.

I like what I read recently, “Most decisions are changeable. It’s better to deliver something real today over something maybe better later.” Wade Foster, Zapier


You have today, not tomorrow, and if you are waiting for tomorrow, you probably won’t start then either. You have to disrupt the cycle; if you don’t, you won’t see any change. But how do you disrupt the cycle? Is that something we can even do?

Many of us are creatures of habit, and quite possibly we’ve gotten a bit lazy. We dream big, but we feel comfortable in the same predictable life with the same routine, day in and day out. We watch the days roll by like waves on the sea. It’s like life is happening to us but we have no say in the matter.

There is a story about a guy who observed the field of a particular man. I’m sure at one time this field was alive and producing much fruit. But things changed. He said he went past the field and noticed that the ground had become covered in weeds and the stone wall was in ruins. Thorns were everywhere, and it was a neglected mess. The writer goes on to say the owner got comfortable, lazy, and fell asleep. The owner of the land began to neglect what he had, and that’s when the troubles started.

Photo by Charles DeLoye on Unsplash

Don’t let that happen to you. Your life is a garden, tend it and take care of it. If it has gotten a bit overgrown, take some action and disrupt it.


How do you add that disrupter to your life? You have to start doing things differently. Here are some ideas you can start today.

Get up 30 minutes earlier. Do you sleep in every morning only giving yourself enough time to get ready and rush out the door for work? Disrupt that habit. Get up twenty minutes earlier and go jog or spend time reflecting and journalling.

Lose/gain weight. If we want to lose weight, there are certain foods you need to remove from your diet. We don’t have to wait to do that; we can start now. It could be as easy as drinking one less soda today. The idea is to take control of your day and make choices that change your future.

Eat your lunch outside. Do you eat your lunch at your desk? Instead of staying inside for your lunch break, take twenty minutes and go for a walk or even a short jog. Getting some fresh air will help do you well and clear your mind. Find some local parks near your place of employment. If you are looking for inspiration of where to get outside and you live in the Pensacola Bay area check out our article 5 Popular Places To Run, Walk, or Bike.

I think you get the idea! Not all disruptions to our daily routines are bad. Sometimes those disruptions just want to wake you up to get you start truly living. It’s your opportunity to go against the grain and to become more than a spectator!

Ready, Set, Go!

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