Garcon Point Trail – Milton, Florida

Garcon Point Trail

Garcon Point Trail has a 1.7 mile loop and a 1.2 mile spur off that trail.

The trail is owned by Northwest Florida Water Management. The area includes wet prairie and flatwood habitats. Hikers may see many carnivorous plants, sparrows, bluebirds, red-tailed hawks, osprey and more.

Trail is located within the Garcon Point Water Management Area in Santa Rosa County south of Milton. From I-10 drive south on CR 281 to CR 191.

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One Response to Garcon Point Trail – Milton, Florida

  1. Milton Real Estate April 15, 2012 at 6:02 pm #

    One thing I’ve seen plenty of on the Garcon Point trail is banana spiders the size of your hand. You definitely don’t want to go running through there too quickly, yikes!